TELLTHEBELL – Taco Bell Survey & Feedback

Tellthebell: Taco Bell Survey and Feedback is one of the most popular and one of the biggest fast-food joints in the world. Whether or not you are a supporter of fast-foods, there is no denying the fact that it is highly popular.

Also, Taco Bell is providing a chance for its customers to win $500 in cash if they complete the TelltheBell – Taco Bell Survey. Taco Bell is a bit different from other fast-food chains. It has distinguished itself from its competitors like McDonald’s, Burger King, and lots of others. From the beginning, it has provided a variety of ethnic-oriented recipes like tacos, nachos, quesadillas, burritos, and other specialty items.

Furthermore, Taco Bell has been able to maintain its position as one of the best fast-food chains through the service and quality that it provides. Let’s take a look at how you can participate in the Taco Bell TelltheBell Survey.

Take Survey or Give Feedback

About Taco Bell

Taco Bell was founded by Glenn Bell. He opened a hot dog stand in 1946 when he was just 23 years old and named it Bell’s drive. After that, he operated a number of restaurants and finally opening the first Taco Bell in 1962 in California. Taco Bell went Public in 1970 with a total of 325 restaurants. PepsiCo purchased Taco Bell from Glenn Bell in 1978  and manages it till date.

Taco Bell

As of now, there is a total of 7000 locations of Taco Bell all around the world in a number of countries. The restaurant specializes in Tex-Mex (Texan and Mexican fusion) foods with Tacos as its main attraction, which is evident from the name itself. Taco Bell serves more than 2 billion customers in a year.


Taco Bell Survey – TelltheBell

“TelltheBell” is a customer satisfaction survey that Taco Bell is undertaking in order to receive feedback from its customers. The company can use the valuable opinions of the customers in order to improve its services. There are a couple things that you need to understand before taking part in the survey.

  • You must be at least 18 years old.
  • They have 50 entry periods for the survey. So, if you take part in one period, then you won’t be able to part in another one without a new receipt.

Moving on how to take a survey, we will tell you what you need before entering the TelltheBell survey.

  • A valid receipt from Taco Bell.
  • The 16 digit survey code on the receipt.
  • Store Number, Date and Time in case you don’t have the survey code.

If you have visited Taco Bell recently, then you will surely have the receipt and the survey code. Now then, shall we start the process of how to enter and complete the Taco Bell survey? Get your receipt out and ready in your hand because we are going to start the survey now.

TelltheBell survey

TelltheBell Survey

The survey is really easy and it will only take a small chunk of your time. You can enter the survey as long as you can access the TelltheBell website. It is accessible on a computer as well as a mobile device. We have laid out the steps here so that you don’t have any problems while taking the survey.

  • Open a browser on your PC, smartphone, or a tablet and enter this URL into the address bar: or click this link.
  • Enter the 16 digit survey code printed on the receipt that you have from the restaurant.
  • If you don’t have the survey code, click on the link mentioned there for the same.
  • Enter the Store Number, Date, and Time and click the “Start” button.
  • The first question will be to rate your overall satisfaction with the restaurant.
  • After that, it will require you to select the type of order. Select the one and click “Next”.
  • On the next page, you will have to answer a series of questions regarding your satisfaction with different things.
  • Once you complete that, there will be a couple of other questions for the survey.
  • Answering them will take a couple of minutes. You will have to go through all of them in order to complete the TelltheBell survey.

After some 15 questions in total, the survey will be over. Moreover, you will have a chance to win $500 in cash as a prize money. As you saw, the survey is really easy to take part in and also pretty easy to complete. The winners are announced at the end of each entry period. So there will be total 50 winners who will have the chance to take home $500 in cash.

With this, I would like to wrap things up with the article. I hope that you have liked this post on TelltheBell – Taco Bell Survey. I am sure that you won’t have any problems understanding the process because I have laid out the steps in a very systematic manner. If you have anything that you want to ask regarding the post, then you can reach out to us at Taco Bell Survey.

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  1. Well, this is the best thing which I know about Taco Bell Survey and this is going to work in the best way possible about the past thing which is also working nice here.

  2. We went to the Taco Bell #029574 today and had tacos and combo#2. My grilled burrito was an awful mess. The ground beef was greasy and refried beans were runny. I bit into it and grease ran out the other end of the burrito. I don’t enjoy the food when it is like that. The meat should have been drained after cooking it and the beans were if water had been added to thin them out. When Miss Dana was there we never had those problems but since she left the food has gotten worse. What has happened to the supervision? Sorry it has gotten this bad because we always enjoyed eating at this Taco Bell.

  3. Dear Taco Bell administration,
    We all know and love Taco Bell if it’s a once in a while craving, a quick bite, or when your really wasted at 2 am and need Taco Bell for some unknown reason. We love you Taco Bell, but you need to deliver preferably in the NJ area. It pains me to say that you don’t, since a multitude of other fast food chains deliver, and you just don’t. Also since you are a common destination of people who are drunk to go to, you are somewhat encouraging drunk driving, or bothering others to drive their drunk friends at late hours to eat your delicious tacos. I would really hope you will consider making Taco Bell deliver friendly since it is such a beautiful and well known place, that now needs to become mobile. It’s 2018, the year to make Taco Bell deliver. There have been so many times where I did not have a car, yet needed some Taco Bell, and I would have given NJ establishments so much money if Taco Bell would just deliver. This must be such an imperative decision for your administration to make, but you must consider the many people who will benefit from Taco Bell on wheels, and the amazing investment it will be. This is a revolutionary idea, that can bring in so much money and so much happiness to loyal customers. I appreciate taking the time to hear me out, and I hope you will make the right decision as to Taco Bell’s future.

    • As a Taco Bell admirer, I know what you are talking about, last time I was in NJ and I faced the same issue. Hope officials will solve this soon.

  4. Thanks for have great management! I recently visited the Taco Bell in Flint, MI 1740 South Dort Hwy with my kids, my youngest has a disability and uses a special electronic device to help him cope in overstimulated environments. I was rushing when ordering and left his device on the counter during checkout. I didn’t notice until we got home that we didn’t have it. I returned to the Taco Bell thinking surly someone behind me in line would have took it already but when I asked the manager Megan she replied with yes I have it in my office. I was overjoyed and so thankful to her for this. Thanks again Megan you are the BEST!

  5. I frequent Taco Bell #02773 located at 5980 Hollister Ave., Goleta, Ca. I was so excited that the nacho fries were back. (… not so excited at an almost 30% increase in price, given the portion is rather small…). I decided to live it up and ordered the advertised Nacho fries $5.00 box (big sign on wall). The clerk said that will be $6.38. A dollar more than I expected based on the sign, plus some tax. I asked why. She said that they had increased the price. Two problems with this. $6.00 was not the advertised price and at time of transaction she did not verbally inform me of any increase. Annoyed, I cancelled the order and just got some nacho fries… for which I was now charged $1.49, two days previously when I got them at this same Taco Bell, they were a $1.29 plus tax. What gives? When I went back in there on Sunday July 21, 2018, the nacho fries were back to $1.29 and the nacho fries box was back to $5.00…This is not good business…I’m providing my address to you because I would like a written response and compensation for this would be I think appropriate and appreciated. Ravyne Dow, 5581 Armitos Ave. Unit E. Goleta, ca. 93117. Thank you

  6. My husband and I ate the steak nacho it was awful, my husband and I either one could finish it, the taste was terrible

  7. Ate at the Taco Bell at Bee Ridge and Cattlemen’s in Sarasota this afternoon. The young guy taking orders and doing cleanup made no effort to be pleasant and literally slammed the chairs around while sweeping, making such a tremendous racket that eating in was unpleasant.

  8. Unfortunately, because store #029687 in Missouri City, TX is less than a mile from my house, it gets most of my business. However, that stops after last night. I went on Sunday 7/22 to pick up food and they were out of 2 of the 3 items I wanted, so I went elsewhere. I came back last night on 7/23 and they were STILL out of those items!! So again, I left.
    This location is consistently out of stock of something, whether it’s chips, ground beef, or the combo-sized drink cup (which they then give you a smaller sized drink for the same price-give me a larger sized drink, it’s YOUR fault you ran out of cups, not mine!). Their drive thru line is the slowest I’ve ever been in. But, I don’t have to worry about that any more, because I’m done with this location. There is another location less than 4 miles away and while it is further away and out of my way when I usually stop, the few times I’ve been there have been a completely opposite experience, which will now keep me coming back.
    So, congrats store 029687, you’ve just cost yourselves a customer and I know a lot of people in my neighborhood who are fed up (but not fed!) for the same reasons.

  9. When, if ever, will you be offering Stackers again? My friends and I used to buy them by the dozens when they were available. Then you replaced them with Nacho Fries, which were okay, but not nearly as good as the Stackers. You have brought back the Nacho Fries, but we are really looking forward to the return of Stackers. Please don’t be Stackers Slackers.

  10. I want to say a few words about the excellent service and friendliness of two employees at store 029151. I want to praise Mark and Amanda for how they always greet me when I come into Taco Bell, and when I leave, they always say goodbye. They always make sure that my order is correct, and on the very few times something was not right, they quickly made it right. These two employees are examples of how Taco Bell employees everywhere should treat the customers. Way to go Amanda and Mark!

  11. My husband and I tried the new “watermelon” Freeze, and it was quite tasty. That was about a month or so ago. We have tried multiple times since then to get one, at either of our 2 local stores, and either the “machine is broken” or they are “out of that flavor”. I’m sorry, if you are going to advertise something that turns out to be that popular, then you need to be prepared to provide it, or put up signs that indicate that you are not able to serve it. This is happening at the Mcloughlin Blvd stores in Milwaukie and Gladstone Oregon. And I love Taco Bell, have for over 40 years, but this is really irritating. Also, when a “limited time” item is being sold, there needs to be an “end date” listed.

  12. My experience with the Cambridge Ohio Taco Bell. Worthless place to go if you want fresh or warm food. Last two times I went will be my last times. The food I was served, was stale and cold and in fear of getting spit in my food I didn’t say anything plus I was on a limited lunch break.

  13. “Hello,
    I need to complain about this taco bell #004406. Their menu sign in the drive thru is never lit up at night and its hard to see what to order. I have complained every time I go there. Same thing with their lighting at the drive thru ordering speakerbox its dark . Sometimes I had to use a flashlight to see the menu. Also the sign is too far behind the box ..kinda had to drive a bit past the speakerbox to be able to read it then back up to place the order. Its really a hassle!!! I hate that taco bell and try to avoid going to it and go to a different one or to Dell Taco instead. Please fix the lighting situation on the sign and drive thru ordering area.
    Kathleen Nagel”

  14. I went through the drive thru on Thursday the 25th of July at 10:51pm at this location #025745 in Homestead, Fl! The cashier clearly had a cold he was sneezing on his hand and the wrapped food, I ask him to wash his hand for which he did but with an attitude! These young employees need to know that a clean environment is paramount in food safety! His name is Adrian A. He needs to be trained correctly. I hope I never have an experience like that again, if so I will discontinue coming, and will put this incident on blast!

  15. I filled out earlier survey and gave my answer. I wanted to complement a Taco Bell employee. He provides professional service every time I am there. Please forward The employees name is Luis M. (cashier) he works at the Taco Bell located at 137 S. Western Ave. Carpentersville, IL 60110. His Survey Code #: 973-6032-0207-2429. Louis is a fantastic, polite and professional employee! I generally use the drive thru and when ever he is on shift, he provides the best employee service to me. At times I am in a hurry when ordering and sometimes forget the name of my meal, or might like to try something new. Louis is always very kind and patience with me. He even offers suggestions that I have tried and are wonderful. He is always very positive , kind and cheerful whenever I come through. I truly can’t say enough about how wonderful of an employee I think he is! The other employees are nice too, but I think Louis M. is a cut above the rest! I hope my comments are forward to Louis’s store manager as well as Louis himself. I believe when an individual/s performs “above quality customer service,” the employee should be recognized.
    Sincerely Ken M.

  16. I went through Ottawa Ohio Taco Bell this morning and Tiffanie was very polite and thoughtful. Thanks Tiffanie

  17. The taco Bell in birch run was absolutely awful. We placed an online order knowing we had alot of food. We walk in and the staff were talking about the annoying people who placed an online order. So they watched us in line with no one else in the restaurant for at least 3 minutes. They finally asked if we were the online order instead of being polite they rolled their eyes once we said we had another order aside from the online order. The guy making food said “sorry we are out of food”… So when we finally got our order the guy said are you going to need a shopping bag for all that food… the people who were in line went to order and the guy once again said “we are all out of food.” We went to leave and the guy ran us another burrito he forgot so we said was that the only thing? He said”I hope so.” We got home to find 5 of our item missing. The service was absolutely terrible.

  18. Most of my visits to my local Taco Bell at 1101 Olympia, WA. I am usually receiving my services from a very nice and funny employee named Kimberly M. She remembers my name, how I like my order and never messes it up. She also gets it out pretty fast. I am happy to say that I can return to this Taco Bell location anytime knowing that she will always satisfy my orders. Keep up the good work!

  19. Ordered multiple items, one being the 12 piece tacos. Made it to the parking lot when the bottom of the box collapsed. All 12 tacos fell to the ground in the middle of the drive through lane. Very flimsy box. We picked up all the tacos while holding up the drive through.
    Not happy.

  20. Ridiculously horrible customer service. I couldn’t get what I ordered because they were out of nacho chips- understandable. At the window, after ordering my “replacement” item, I asked if I could order a cheesy bean and rice burrito instead of the nachos. I was given an exasperated, “*sigh* For real? MAAAAAAN.” I asked for her name and she refused to give it to me.

  21. I got the wrong item and no hot sauce after being asked if I wanted hot sauce. I asked for a burrito with no onion and received a burrito with lots of onions

  22. Ordered 4 Burrito Supremes, no beans, no lettuce, extra beef, and nacho cheese. The cashier got the order correct, but the person preparing the order either can’t read or doesn’t care what they send out. When I got home I found I only had single beef and shredded cheese. So for my $17.85 I received what was a very pitiful meal. The store was # 26464. Like most, after working all day, I did not want to drive the 8 miles back to have it corrected. Would be nice to get the correct order from now on.

  23. Taco bell in york south carolina was there on 7/28/2018 at 7:30 pm the whole night shift went above and beyond with their customer service by far the best service me and my family ever had hats off to the night crew well done

  24. wonderful experience at this location, everyone is helpful, respectful and kind. the food is always Very Good and served in a timely manner.

  25. I visited this same Taco Bell a week ago and decided to give them a 2cd chance, worst mistake of my life.TB031120 on Big Fish Drive in Sparks, NV needs to retrain their employees or get new ones, they are smart mouthed spoiled little brates just looking for a paycheck and the manager is no different.Last week my tacos we’re disappointing and this week my taco salad was even worse. Step up people, you should be checking on your employees, if they are not up to making a simple taco, show them the door

  26. burlington taco bell sucks.. i wanted 25+ minutes for one taco then they gave me some burrito i was unable to eat. it took so long for the first one i left wasted my time money and didn’t get food

  27. The Beefy Fritos Burrito maybe had 2 Fritos in it……H..E..L L..O…..
    Women’s bathroom door was very hard to open.

  28. I have been to the McPherson Taco Bell three different occasions and ordered a Nacho Bell Grande each visit. Everytime I’ve gotten that, my chips have been crumbs/ small pieces and there’s barely been anything on them. I did not stay to eat and did not see them until I was home. Very unacceptable.

  29. I went to store number 024403 in Crossville TN, was very unhappy, first off you had to have exact change or a card, second, no mild sauce, third, no napkins or receipt, last off the taco shells we’re cold like they came out of a cooler, I live less then a mile from there

  30. I went to Taco Bell today in daleville and I come up to the window and get a horrible attitude from Dreama. Worst custom service ever!

  31. I ordered no tomatoes on my taco supreme s they had tomatoes. I ordered no tomatoes and extra beef on my nacho supreme,had tomatoes no beef and a ton of beans!

  32. Went to your store on river and
    la chola in Tucson last night
    Was amazed
    The cashier had a dozen track marks on his arm
    Could see the rubber band Mark in his arm still
    Looked like he took the drugs 20 minutes prior .
    Not sure if your drug policy or if you have one
    At least wear a long sleeve shirt

  33. Rebecca D had amazing customer service and she was respectful and kind.The order was completely right it was hot, fresh and great. The only reason I visit that Taco Bell is because of miss Rebecca.

  34. Looked at the specials on line before going to the store. Wanted 5 chalupa boxes. Was suppose to be $5 each. The store (301 north elmira, russellville,ar) wouldn’t honor the price because it wasnt in their system. Wanted spicy ranch on 3 of the chalupa. Charged 90 cents per chalupa for about a teaspoon of sauce. So I paid over what I expected for next to nothing. Can buy a whole bottle of spicy ranch for the price I paid for 3 teaspoons. There was nothing special about the food to make me go back for more. Not a good value.

  35. We do Taco Bell usually once a week or more….for the third time this summer my Fiesta bowl which I customize had everything but laxed the meat??? So I literally had a bowl of lettuce to eat as I didn’t want to send my husband back a second time.

    Last order 8-2-2018 Order #900992
    Taco Bell 024298

  36. Most of my visits to my local Taco Bell at Store 027514. I am usually receiving my services from a very nice and funny employee named ShaQuay. She remembers my name, how I like my order and never messes it up. I am happy to say that I can return to this Taco Bell location anytime knowing that she will always satisfy my orders. Keep up the good work!

  37. Always get good food, good value! Friendly staff. Comment is to address leaking roof in 5856 Rivers Avenue, No. Charleston SC restaurant. Recent remodel…roof leaking..plastic buckets in middle of floor every time we visit that establishment. Why is this so??? Get on it!!

  38. 1061 North court St. Medina, Oh 44256. Stopping for breakfast, we noticed the parking lot is littered with trash. Inside thefloor was washed but the beverage counter was all a mess. The condiment counter was all sticky and it looked as if someone spilled a red drink into the mild salsa container.
    We mentioned the parking lot was full of trash and were told that the gentleman would be in, in an hour to clean it up. My question is WHY would you leave a mess in the oarking lot until someone else came in? 1st impressions are everything! Don’t know if we will be back to this Taco Bell

  39. Been to the Harrisburg, IL store several times after work (about 2am). Every time I go they are out of a list of things. Week ago it was refried beans and nacho cheese. Figured I would give it another try last night pull into the drive through and they are out of refried beans, shredded chicken, steak, and rice. WHAT IS THE DEAL? BAD MANAGEMENT? Worse part you can’t get out of the drive through after they tell you this

  40. I came in to eat at taco address 1610 sandifer Blvd in Seneca sc 29678 and the lady at the register by the name of Jasmine H was our cashier she had a poor and rude attitude towards me and my husband. Her customer service was disrespectful and rude.

  41. Worst manager! Worst service ever!! Ordered $46.23 in food. No change available for $100 then they employees want to laugh at you when your upset bc they can’t break $100.00

  42. I am very frustrated this morning!!!
    I stopped at a 24 hour Taco Bell in Kearney, Missouri at 0611. I did not receive a receipt so I can’t enter my information into their handy survey. After I paid for a simple quesadilla it took 14 minuets to receive my food from the drive thru. I was the only one around.

  43. Very disappointing. Waited 15 minutes, drive thru associate ignored 3 directives given to her to wait on me. Associate giving directive ended up waiting on me and did not know how to make 1/2 lb combo burritto. Charged me for a supreme. I have shares in Yum and its disappointing to see the associates they hire representing them.

  44. I was in drive thru for 35 minutes benhind 3 customers. The reason was the 3 ahead used credit cards which took longer to process. One customer gave 4 cards before his order was accepted. By the time I received my order my crunchy taco was no longer crunchy let credit card users go inside Dot Walk

  45. Credit cards in drive thru take too long to process make them go inside. It’s not fair and it’s no longer fast food

  46. Ordered 16 items and only received 13. Missing 2 caramel apple empanadas and 1 cinnamon twist.

    Young lady at drive thru was very nice and helpful.

    Survey code 9788-0039-1035-1207

  47. The young lady’s working drive thru this morning I believe on the survey it said Amber and Jillian they were very cheerful and helpful and I love their customer service I’d definitely give them 10/10 service keep up the good work and I’ll definitely be returning back soon.

  48. Placed my order for a #3 on the menu which was 3 taco supremes. After waiting almost 20 minutes at 1:40 in the afternoon I finally got my order. When I got home come to find out I was given 3 regular tacos. It wouldn’t be so bad but this seems to happen a lot at this location. I think I will be stop going to this restaurant

  49. On Monday evening, August 6th, I stopped by for dinner with my little 10 year old Autistic Son. The restaurant was completely out of all soda, however, little Ethan was given a strawberry slushie at no additional cost. The waitress, “Tammy”, went out of her way to make him feel proud of ordering by himself, and when we left the restaurant he said, “She is in my heart, I love her”. Trust me, his words brought tears to my eyes, and I did have to return to the restaurant and let the store manager know, what a real gem he has in Tammy!

  50. Drive thru Employee Fernando was pleasant. But when I left I noticed my order wasn’t correct. Over all EVERY Taco Bell never puts extra cheese when they CHARGE you for it. I had asked for double cheese. I wish I would have taken a photo before getting off the car. I walked in and asked for my sides of cheese and the young man who wrote his name PHA said he put the cheese in and he said “I am not giving you more” I opened the burrito infront of him and said look there isn’t any..His response was “I put extra cheese myself and it melted I am not giving you more” Im sorry but that is RUDE CUSTOMER SERVICE. I understand how it is working in the fast food business I use to work at Taco Bell, it was my first job! But I also know how to treat a paying customer. He took my. burrito and gave me a refund for the cheese. I asked for a full refund so he demanded I give him my entire order back. He was really rude. I asked for the manager and he said he wouldn’t in till tomorrow. Hope he doesn’t treat all his customers like this I also took a photo of my money and receipts and didn’t realize till I left I wasn’t given the correct change, I will be calling corporate tonight. Very disappointed

    Store # 023218
    Taco Bell in Anaheim CA.
    100 N. St college BLVD
    Anaheim CA 92806

  51. Not pleased at all. Went to order and was met with rather unhappy faces. Then to top it off I ordered a combo. So when I went to get my drinks all the sodas were either lacking syrup or carbonation. I kindly asked the guy behind the counter if theirs worked better because I PAID for a drink and he just said no. Didnt even attempt to fix anything. THANKS.

  52. These guys are the best of the best in the food world. The dude complaining above is lying. The food is great. Workers are nice. Its amazing. Ethan especially is one of the nicest workers i have talked to.

  53. Very pleased I was greeted by a very pretty individual her name is sapphire she has a very adorable name I love it!!! and she was very cheerful and had a very big smile on her face her attitude was remarkable

  54. Just left store #031783. Waited 5 minuets to order when I was the only one in line. Nichola the manager was to busy talking to other employees (laughing and such). Then got my order wrong. I waited 20 minutes to get cold food. The store was dirty. Server gloves on the floor where I stood to place my order. Not one clean table in the restaurant. I’m sure nothing will be done about my experience. I will never eat there or any other Taco Bell again. And these are the people demanding $15 per hour.

  55. Does someone look at these? Or are we wasting our time? Order today not filled completely. Store 024471, in Platte city. Paid for extra salsa x2, but was not given. Love 15 miles away,so not going back tonite. Second time this happened in last month.😠

  56. My visit at 2245 w northwest hwy was horrible. As usual. Its sad to see that Taco bell still has this rude disrespectful Black Lady manager there. They give me stale tacos and she called called me bitches because I wanted my money back also she didn’t even offer to replace my food. She wouldn’t even give her name once again and for the other employees to get rowdy with me also I felt like my life was endangered. Disrespectful employees and very horrible customer services..

  57. My family and I went to Taco bell on March lane Stockton ca #015842 so our first bad encounter we ordered a nacho fries supreme and got nacho chips and three crunchy tacos no cheese that came out with stale taco shells and cheese. on our next visit we ordered 2 x chicken quesoritos and got soggy chicken burritos with nacho cheese in them and a large #2 with no tomatoes and it came with Pico De gallo in it. idk what had happened to our order but we are always at taco bell and this is the only one that does this to our orders. we love taco bell but will not go back if this is what we are to expect when we get home and the order is wrong yet again. please get this fixed or we won’t be back as we are co atantly eating at your other locations and haven’t had any problems

  58. I visit the location here in Johnson City, TN frequently and always find that Melody goes the extra mile to make us feel welcome and take care of us. Credit where credit is due!

  59. you need to install walls around your toilets in nens rest room .so more than one person can use room at same time instead of one person tying op the room for 20 minutes during the bussiest part of dinner lunch hour

  60. The manager was nice when I took my daughter and her friend to the Taco Bell @ 2825 Greenbay Road Monday night August 5, but it was a 45 minute wait because they were so backed up and only 3 employees. The drive thru had a backup of about 10 cars and finally there was no taco sauce. It had run out. That is what’s really hard to understand since this is at least the third time it’s happened to us. We enjoy Taco Bell but we’ve had more than one problems with these things I’m sorry to say.

  61. I was a customer in 016865 in Bastrop Louisiana a black lady was in ahead of me ordering her food. She ask the cashier to please call a cab.She had walked up there but having drinks and food it would be easier for her to get a cab. The cashier went and ask management and he or she said no. My boyfriend was with me and went and got cell phone and called a cab for her.What was wrong with that picture make me thinking if i want to eat in Taco Bell. That was a lady asking not some kid trying to call her boyfriend. I am disappointed of all things it would have been nothing wrong with calling a cab for her.I am glade we came along. Shame on you if you have such a rule.

  62. I habit Taco Bell 024720, in Angola, IN, near the highway. This is one of my favorite Taco Bell’s. Jill is amazing, she knows and calls people by name, the team is a well managed, well oiled machine that love their work and the customers they serve. Jill goes over and above, what a great way to start the day. Feeling valued. Thank you for this great store.

  63. I love the Taco Bell in Northdale Tampa, FL. The one on the corner of Dale Mabry Hwy and Mapledale Blvd. The staff and management are always so friendly. The service is always on point! My order is always right and the food is delicious! Best Taco Bell in Tampa.

  64. Went to Bell 026426. Unreasonable wait on line and at window. Cashier gave lukewarm apology. Was probably embarrassed about wait at window and
    Had another employee hand out food. Got home and Mexican pizza missing.
    Taco salad had stale shell and wasn’t very full at all. Food was cold. After working a 10 shift myself, this store is losing its ability to handle business.
    Will not return to Bell.

  65. First mobile order at the Lakeport CA taco Bell, was pretty excited. That is, until this vegetarian got back home and discovered that the cheese quesadilla had steak in it… Which wasn’t ordered. Disappointed in that. Otherwise service was quick… I feel that there should have been a receipt included in the mobile order pickup bag as well.

  66. My husband and I ordered food via the drive through window from Taco Bell 016546. 11850 Old Grade Rd, Ojai, CA 93023 805-646-6715, at 08:54:17. The receipt identifies the person who waited on us as: Mariana P, order #324197, 8/12/2018. My husband turned to me during the transaction and said the girl at the window did not seem professional, or courteous, and seemed like she did not care about her job. After handing my husband, Bryan, some of the small bags of food, Mariana asked if we wanted any hot or mild sauce. I said, “2or 3 mild, please.”. Mariana reached into a box with both hands and grabbed 43 packets of mild sauce and dumped them into the last bag of food of ours. This behavior was completely uncalled for, and rude. She should be fired in our opinion. She acts like she is doing the company a favor by being there, and has a big chip on her shoulder about something. She is bad news for Taco Bell.

  67. I frequently go to the Taco Bell that is right next to my job. Having only a 30 minute break I prefer to get my food as quick as possible then relax and eat it. However one day the drive through line at Taco Bell 032491 was taking particularly long and when I reached the window to pay I was greeted with amazing service from an employee named Emilie. She was genuine and apologetic about the wait and gave me a free taco coupon for the delay. This definitely enticed me to go back again. Give this girl a raise for her awesome customer service!

  68. I just got the three bestest tacos I’ve ever had from there at laskey and secor. they looked perfect and tasted great. TY

  69. Dear T. B.
    Just came home and had supper, but wait I just had eaten at your establishment. I had your # 5 menu of Burrito and taco and large drink. The burrito was almost empty. I have been a long time customer at this place so I am familiar with what it should be. Sorry, but it may be a long time before I return.

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