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TelltheBell is the official portal of Taco Bell for receiving feedback from its customers. The company offers a chance to win $500 in cash for participants who take part in the Taco Bell Customer feedback survey. If you want to be one of those lucky winners, then refer this guide on how to enter the TelltheBell Survey.

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Taco Bell is one of the biggest chains of fast-food restaurants in the world. It specializes in fast-food related to Tex-Mex cuisine. It features Tacos, quesadillas, nachos, burritos, and other specialty items. Taco Bell is a paradise for people who enjoy the Tex-Mex food.

The fast-food chain is looking to undertake a survey in order to receive the feedback from its customers. The survey will help the company find out the shortcomings in its services and thus improve the services and quality.

TelltheBell – Taco Bell Survey

The main aim of the TelltheBell Survey is to let the customers express their views and opinions. Customers can freely express how they feel about the restaurant and its services. The overall experience of a customer should be good, if not the best, at Taco Bell restaurants.

The survey will only take a couple of minutes at best and if you are looking to let the company about your experience at Taco Bell, there is no better way than this. We will walk you through the process of how you can enter the survey and complete it. Before you start the survey, there are a few things you should keep in mind.

www.tellthebell.com Taco Bell Survey

  • You should be at least 18 years old to undertake the survey.
  • A person can only take the survey in one entry period. If you want to take part another time, then you need to do that with another receipt.

If you understand the above conditions, then you can move forward. There are a couple of things you need to have with you before taking part in the TelltheBell Survey.

  • A computer or a mobile device with Internet Connectivity.
  • A Valid Taco Bell receipt.
  • The 16 digit survey code from that receipt.
  • Store Number, Date and Time if you don’t have the survey code.

Once you have the following data, you can start the survey. Below are the steps that you need to follow in order to start the Taco Bell survey and successfully complete it.

  • Open the official survey website from the following link.

TelltheBell Survey

  • Once you reach the website, you need to enter the 16 digit code from your receipt.
  • Hit “Start” and the survey will start. You will need to answer a couple of questions starting now.
  • If you don’t have the receipt number, then click the link for the same.
  • Enter the Store number, Date, and time and proceed.
  • The first thing you have to do is to rate your overall experience at the restaurant.
  • After that, select your order and complete the entire survey by honestly answering all the questions.

Answering all the questions will probably take some time but it won’t be much. Once you complete the survey, you will stand a chance at winning $500 in cash.

With this, I would like to bring the discussion to a conclusion. I hope that you have understood everything about www.tellthebell.com – Taco Bell Survey. If you have anything that you would like us to answer about this survey, then contact us at Taco Bell Survey.

103 thoughts on “www.tellthebell.com – Taco Bell Customer Feedback

  1. I’ve visited Taco Bell number 030443 in eagle Idaho. My order number was 172657.I did not receive everything I ordered. When I called Taco Bell I was told the only way I could be compensated would be to come back to the store. I am from out of town and we were more than 45 minutes down the road before I figured out we didn’t have everything. I am not satisfied with this Taco Bell.

  2. I have a wonderful experience every time i visit this taco bell. They have friendly people working there. I love it

  3. Taco Bell 004361
    I come in here a lot. Sometimes good, sometimes not perfect, but Dan usually takes my order. That guy actually cares about his job. When he’s not taking orders he is always out cleaning the lobby, or whatever else needs done. Energetic and friendly. Good job Dan


  5. I had an awesome experience here it was fast food on point. Cant complain 100% satisfied!!! Keep up the awesome excellent customer service and team work ya do. PHOENIX,AZ 85041

  6. I love this Taco Bell. The people who work here are always so nice. I go past two different Taco Bell s to get to this one…

  7. Tiffany did an excellent job with the orders and also have the best personality ever. The food was served just right and also hot. Just how we like it thanks so much.

  8. I went to taco bell on folsom Blvd. Today 7/27 2018. Worst service ever. I was treated very poorly. 1 of my items was a side of beans literally 2 teaspoons.

  9. I went to taco bell on folsom Blvd. Today 7/27 2018. Worst service ever. I was treated very poorly. 1 of my items was a side of beans literally 2 teaspoons. Will NEVER GO THERE AGAIN. HANNA IS THD RUDEST PERSON FOR WORKING CUSTOMER SERVICE. SHE ROLLS THE EYES ALOT

  10. Alexis was very polite and constantly held a smile on her face, she was very nice and we really appreciate that, really is a good face for taco bells service.

  11. Sabrina was great! Very upbeat and polite ! Especially at 330 in the morning! Thanks again!

  12. This taco bell in North Raleigh on Louisburg Rd is the slowest taco bell we have ever been too, the employees stand around and play and joke so any order takes 20 to 25 minutes to get… I would highly recommend getting better employees or a better Manager.

  13. The bell is the best!
    I could eat here everyday and the service is high quality across the franchise.

  14. I just went into a taco bell / KFC in 75835 AL-77, Lincoln, AL 35096. My husband and I waited 5 minutes behind another customer inside the store. The associate came and took the order of the man in front if us then walked away and stood doing nothing. Then he won’t and typed something not the computer completely ignoring us. We did not eat at you establishment nor will we at this location again. The serves is awful. We at at waffle house.

  15. I just went into a taco bell / KFC in 75835 AL-77, Lincoln, AL 35096. My husband and I waited 5 minutes behind another customer inside the store. The associate came and took the order of the man in front if us then walked away and stood doing nothing. Then he went and typed something on the computer completely ignoring us. After about 5 more mins we left. We did not eat at you establishment nor will we at this location again. The associates could not care any less about the customer We at at waffle house and gave our waitress a nice tip.

  16. I am not sure if it was because of an hour that I went but this was the worst service that I have ever experienced at a restaurant drive-thru. I waited for 1 hour and 25 minutes my food was cold it had no flavor my sauce was watery my quesadilla didn’t have any feeling and I’m highly upset $21.32 for what Taco Bell store number 5591 Warrensville Center should be closed if not all new management. I will never visit this facility again although I don’t visit often I understand why I have never had a good experience there each time I’ve tried going in or through the drive-thru this place sucks.

  17. I went to to the Bainbridge, GA location at around 11:45 pm. First their drive thru was down so I was asked to come inside to place my order. Then I ordered a $5 steak nacho box. However, with it being late and already not happy about having to get out of the car because of the their drive-thru problem I didn’t check the box, when I got home 20 miles later to find that I had a nacho fry box I was very displeased. This store is completely unorganized they are continually running out of everything from meat to nachos…earlier this week the girl at the drive thru had me pick a straw out of a bag of flexistraws because they hadn’t ordered properly, I don’t know if the person infront of me had clean hands or not when they picked their straw and now I’m sick! Someone really needs to gets this store back in order before they get sued. It’s not just occasionally a wrong order or they run out of 1 or 2 things, it’s horrible customer service ALL THE WAY AROUND! I’ve gotten sick and I bet other people have too, while I was there the place was dirty as a pig pen front and back…the workers were playing and I’ve worked in food service before so I know that they were not handling the food properly. MAYBE THE FOOD INSPECTOR WILL SHOW UP SOON FOR A SURPRISE INSPECTION!

  18. We went to the Pizza Hut/Taco Bell #175 in Foristell, Mo. We were informed the prices were higher because it was truck stop. They could use more help. It took a long time to get our food and there was absolutely nothing to choose from in the pizza hut warming bins. Next time I will head to McDonalds were prices remain the same.

  19. This was the worst burritos i’ve ever eaten. And by the time I got home less than a mile away they were ice cold
    Store Taco Bell 033169

  20. Went to the location in Burlington, WI. Most pitiful 5$ steak nacho box I’ve ever seen. I maybe had 5 pieces of steak in the entire box. I don’t know if they were running out of ingredients or what. Three quarters of that box was just plain chips. And I wasn’t given a receipt so I can’t even fill out the survey. I’m disappointed.

  21. Was at Taco Bell today at 2038 north Saginaw rd in midland mi horrible customer service young girl waited on me charged me for the wrong item seem dumb when I explained why it wasn’t right then calls over a large supervisor or manager and she was rude when I said I was charged for the wrong item she yells at me where is the food I need it I said I haven’t received it yet rotten nasty horrible slob of a female never go there again food was excellent though

    • This is really not acceptable from Taco Bell, we will report this to the respective store. We are sorry for this.

  22. I love the mini skillet bowl its so delicious and i love how this restaurant is so clean

  23. I was at the Taco Bell 030265 in greenwood IN, 135 and stones crossing, yesterday July 29 at approximately 6:pm there about. Store had a total of 2 customers myself included ordering food. Drive thru had probably 8 cars. It took them over 15 minutes to give us our order. Which was order #237. 2hard tacos and a #6. When I asked why it was taking so long the drive thru guy just said people were getting ready to leave and that theres one guy on the table. Others were just standing around talking, he too was just standing around looking out in the lobby. The gal on the register took our order and then just disappeared., never saw here again. I find this unacceptable and I didn’t even get an apology for the wait nor did the gal in front of us. We didn’t have a big order and they weren’t busy in the inside why would it take this long ?

  24. Sam was really helpful and sweet. She tells every customer that she is so sorry for the wait. Keep doing a great job!

  25. Joseph S was pleasant and had a great attitude. He said hello to us as soon as we came in. Took our order and within 3 mins I was sitting down to eat. Hats off the the whole crew. Very well run restaurant and also observe the operation while eating. Again everyone was busy about their job.

  26. The store in ZcalPark IL needs more employees per shift service to slow I don’t know what the labor is running but at 2 in the afternoon needs more employees.

  27. All the wraps look the same maybe have different colors so your customers know the difference ,staws would be nice with drinks .

  28. Annie was very sweet and patient with me, as it’s been awhile since I’ve been to your restaurant. I couldn’t read the menu, so Annie asked me many questions about my preferences in order to make some recommendations! I loved my breakfast! Thank you for her sweet smile and great service!

  29. Destinee t was great she took our order and asked if everything was ok destinee t was very positive even though I could see it was short staffed cuddos to destinee

  30. James was prompt with our order. He has a great smile. I will return as long as James can help us like he did last time. Thank you James for making our visit a very pleasant one.

  31. Service was not great at all left out 5 items of my order so i had to turn around and go back and they acted like it was no big deal

  32. My boyfriend , my daughter and I came to the Schaumburg on 275 West golf road, and the gentleman who was working was very rude and gave us wrong order of food, we had to go back inside and let him know, he didn’t seem to care 😠. We eat our food and drove back home to Michigan. Never going to that Taco Bell again.

  33. I always have a great experience at Taco Bell. The customer service is great and the environment is warm and friendly. This is by far my favorite restaurant.

  34. My family and I visited Taco Bell in lafollette tn. My son and I got the stake nacho box the chips was old and mine had 6 strips of stake on it. While we was eating 3 other customer’s came in for food replacements that was left out or messed up from the drive-thru orders and 1 customer that was eating in they had left off the toppings of her nacho box and had to go back to fix it. So after we ate the old chip nachos my son started feeling sick and when we got home he started vomiting and diarrhea through the night. I as well got sick not as bad as my son but my nachos didn’t have but 6 pieces of the meat I’m thinking it was a good thing that it didn’t. My husband order the #2 and it was the size of a regular burrito not a xxl. I as well as the other customer’s that night was not happy with the visit at all. But was very unhappy with my son getting sick…. Something needs to be done with this store…. My husband works in KY and eats Taco Bell 2-3 times week and never has the problems like we do in the lafollette store….

  35. 8/5/18 @11:58
    Taco Bell store sw college road, Ocala, Fl

    I really wanted a breakfast bacon quesadilla, and
    Caisher Steven said we stoped selling breakfast at 11. I told him his sign read 1pm, he just said no.????

  36. It was an absolute pleasure ordering from the camp lejeune location. Everyone was extremely polite and helpful.

  37. I was at the Taco Bell 030170 and the cashier Josephine B. Was extremely rude. My boyfriend was ordering and since I was gathering sauce and running out to the car really quick I corrected something about my order to him. He repeated since he was the one talking to her while I was in a rush outside and she promptly said “I speak English” which to me seemed like she was either calling me racist for telling my Mexican boyfriend to correct what he said while I was on the way out the door or she was simply being rude to him for repeating what I told him. Either way I felt extremely unwelcome after that and probably won’t come in when I see she’s working

  38. Great taco bell the cook Carmen omg magnificent josh couldn’t have a better greeter thank u both I will come here again for food

  39. Taco Bell 034672
    Noah B took my order, was also the cashier. He was polite & professional, very helpful when I asked him a bunch of questions about different meals(which Im sure gets annoying). At the window, I thought the order on screen looked wrong, he went over it with me with a great attitude! Noah made my trip to Taco Bell a good one!

  40. Taco Bell # 021292 order # 380609 went to drive thru, long line but moved fast. placed my order. was asked if I wanted any sauce. I told her yes a lot of mild please. she asked if the order on screen was correct. yes it was. got my order & paid. Not checking until I got home, I had 0 sauces in the bag. Really after asking me it I wanted any & looking at the receipt it has on there 10 sauces. I got nothing. But this is not the only Taco Bell where I have gone & didn’t get any sauces. Do they get paid more if they don’t give you any sauces. I have order 10 tacos before & have gotten 4 sauces. Come on not even 1 sauce per taco. This is stupid. Now I know some people don’t even want any sauce. But I like to use 2 to 3 per taco even more for burrito. Also it seems like there is less sauce in each pack now. Also I ordered a Taco Salad. I got nothing to eat it with. No fork or even napkins which I would have needed had I needed to eat it with my hands….
    very aggravated customer

  41. My coworker and I wanted to have taco Bell for lunch. But my card was declined and and his wasn’t. I checked my account to see if I had funds but the card continued to decline the transaction. So the crew at the Lombard St location gave me my meal for free. This is by far the best customer service I have ever had from taco Bell.

  42. Worst taco bell in rockford area if you get 30 mins for lunch break you will spend 25 mins in the drive thru eat on the way NaCl to work and get written up also stingy with sauce packets but by far the slowest fast food place inbtown


  44. 1. Cinnamon twists worst thing I’ve ever tasted.
    2. Service was good, all past orders were almost always wrong.

  45. I had the cinnamon twists, 2 bean burritos with no onions, and the nacho fries!! Everything was exactly how I ordered it and it was delicious!

  46. Horrible customer service. Was charged for the wrong item then I was told they didn’t have quarters when my refund was 1.50 so I got pennies and Nickles. The guy who gave the refund was extremely rude.

  47. At Taco Bell 019312, the employees were very friendly and gave the food very quick. The cashier Dontez was very sweet.

  48. Tao Bell does it best hands down great customers an good deals, great specials and awsome new items on the menu.

  49. JFK location in Dubuque Iowa. I paid for sour cream to be added, and did not receive any. I also recieved the wrong soda. The cashier, Melissa B. Had a very rude, unpleasant tone in her voice while taking my order. I usually get great service here and was not satisfied tonight.

  50. Store #030547…based on time stamp I waited 20 min. For my order.A friend recommended I try the nacho frie supreme. I ordered the bellegrande. Once served I received a small portion. Upon completion I was still hungry. When I have the nacho box I am always satisfied. 5 fireman are waiting on line. I can see the frustration on their faces.

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